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Thermofluidics awarded Innovate UK funding to turn our novel PV-powered chlorinator into a commercial product

February, 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have secured Innovate UK funding to turn our successful proof-of-concept solar PV-powered chlorinator into a robust and affordable commercial product.

Our novel approach to solar PV-powered chlorination turns dissolved chlorides, which are present in many groundwater sites around the world into free chlorine, treating water for bacteria and viruses and providing residual protection without depending on bought-in reagents or skilled-operator intervention. The way in which we do this also avoids dependence on expensive life limiting components to keep costs down. For water sources with extremely low or no pre-dissolved chlorides, such as river or pond water, we will introduce an accessory which produces free chlorine and treats the water as it’s drawn off, using crystalline salt as our only feedstock. Unlike existing solutions, our approach does not require batch preparation or routine calibration. 

The project, which began on 1st January 2022, will keep our R&D team busy as our subsidiary Impact Pumps scales production of its SLX-40 submersible pump range, harnessing the Joukowski effect to bring reliable access to groundwater, particularly in off-grid areas.

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