“Thermofluidics' technology is applicable from industrial state-of-the-art to the poorest people in the world - it is our objective to serve both.
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Impact Pump field trials

We have completed 12 months of Impact Pump field trials on smallholdings in Kenya and Bangladesh, lifting water from up to 18m below to 2m above ground. These used our “gamma” prototype. The farmers were generally very pleased with the Impact Pump, which suffered no breakdowns or measurable loss of performance over the course of the trials.

We added two more sites in Kenya in January 2019 and 2 more near Dhaka, Bangladesh pumping from between 24 and 30m depth. Neither these, nor the original sites (which continue to operate) have reported any Impact Pump breakages. Data continues to flow from all of these sites indicating the pumps are in regular use. Highlights from the field trials are reported on our News page.

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