“Thermofluidics' technology is applicable from industrial state-of-the-art to the poorest people in the world - it is our objective to serve both.
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NGOs and Government Agencies

Thermofluidics is committed to helping address the global need for low cost, sustainable access to water and energy.


Surface pumps, in which all failure-prone parts are located at ground level, are cheaper, more efficient, more reliable and easier to maintain than submersible pumps, in which most parts much be located below water. However, they can only raise water by suction, limiting their lifting capabilities to depths of around 7m. The Impact Pump is capable of working with a range of matched surface drive pumps to lift water from considerable depths, greatly extending the range and scope of irrigation scenarios in which they can be used. It has other advantages over submersible pumps, particularly with solar-powered drive pumps, including rapid pumped distribution at the end of the day and the possibility of using cheap ground-level storage ponds in place of expensive raised tanks for storage.

We have established relationships with NGOs working in the sanitation and irrigation sectors including with iDE, a global leader in smallholder irrigation. The Impact Pump has undergone more than 12 months of field trials in end-user applications in Kenya and Bangladesh, in collaboration with Futurepump and IDE, as well as extensive 24/7 endurance tests in the U.K. We are tooling-up for pilot production and launch under our Impact Pumps brand, via a major Kenyan distributor in late 2019. This will be followed by rollout across East Africa soon after.

We have a number of products in the pipeline in the field of off-grid solar-powered services and are open to conducting engineering innovation and consultancy contracts to look at addressing the unmet needs of your organisation.

Water supply

DAHR pumps matched with suitable surface drive pumps can provide sufficient deep-lift capabilities and surface pressure to lift deep groundwater and filter it to achieve drinking water purity.

As well as providing lifting capabilities for direct use, our NIFTE technology can enable water to be pumped over significant horizontal distances for water supply.

Water lifting and purification

Our NIFTE technology can potentially be deployed for grey-water and foul-water pumping and re-processing. Furthermore, because it can be powered by the sun using solar-thermal collectors, it is particularly well suited to applications where thermal treatment is necessary in addition to/instead of filtration. This can easily be achieved as an auxiliary function by recuperative pasteurisation.

For more information on any of these applications, please contact us.

[1] Assuming 5mm irrigation per day.

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