“Thermofluidics' technology is applicable from industrial state-of-the-art to the poorest people in the world - it is our objective to serve both.
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Thermofluidics was formed in February 2006. Since then, we have developed a portfolio of technologies and now have a range of water pumping solutions to address a variety of challenges in the agricultural and building services sectors. We’re able to achieve unprecedented low cost and long lifetime by eliminating sliding seals and complex mechanism using our expertise in thermo- and fluid- dynamics. Our pumps are able to achieve high operating efficiencies relative to competing alternatives in the market today. Key to achieving this are the following people:

Our people

Portrait of Mark Bryant

Mark Bryant
Mark is Chief Executive Officer of Thermofluidics with over 25 years experience working in High Tech industries. He was Managing Director at Accenture leading their High Tech business across Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing services in UK/Ireland, where he sat on the Board. Mark grew many of the Firm’s most prestigious client relationships operating in the C-Suite and delivering major change programmes across all business functions. As Managing Director Mark also then delivered significant growth across a number of Accenture’s businesses across Europe and Latin America. Mark is delighted to be focusing his extensive experience of global business to achieve major growth at Thermofluidics. Mark has an Engineering Degree from the University of Cambridge.

Portrait of Tom Smith

Tom Smith
Tom Smith is a co-founder, and the Chief Technical Officer of Thermofluidics. He is the inventor of numerous energy and water related technologies, including Thermofluidics’ NIFTE and Hydraulic Ram. He has a proven track record in all aspects of start-up development including equity and grant fundraising, contract negotiation, patent drafting and a range of technical skills from mathematical and numerical modelling , through 3D CAD design to prototype fabrication and testing. Tom has a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, a first class degree in Physics from Imperial College, London and has won numerous prizes for his work including the Royal Institution Science Graduate of the Year Award, 2004, and the Sunday Times One Minute Pitch, for £100,000, in 2005.

Portrait of Tom Law

Tom Law
Tom Law joined the Thermofluidics team in 2011, to lead the development of our patented Hydraulic Ram technology. He has since become a key element in all stages of pumping engine projects as well, particularly in modelling, data acquisition and data analysis roles. Before working with Thermofluidics, Tom worked on the production of thermoacoustic/aerodynamic models for aircraft engine turbine manufacturer, ITP SA in Madrid, Spain. These are currently used in the design of the Rolls Royce Trent engine family. Tom has a Ph.D. in aeroacoustics from the University of Cambridge, completed as part of a large international design project with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology known as the ‘Silent Aircraft Initiative‘. Prior to this, he gained a first class MEng degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Hull where he was the IMechE Student of the Year for each of the 4 years.

Portrait of Charles Ahenda-Bengo

Charles Ahenda-Bengo
Charles Ahenda-Bengo joined Thermofluidics in January 2020 as Commercial Operations Director, to help get the Impact Pump to market, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Charles has extensive experience in the geothermal and solar industries in East Africa having worked within both the public and private sectors. In 2015, he became General Manager for Futurepump Kenya, driving the rollout and overseeing aftersales service of their first pilot products around Kisumu and helping them to win the Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy and Water in 2017. He holds an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc. in Sustainable Energy Systems from Queen Mary, University of London.

Andy Brown
Andy Brown joined Thermofluidics in November 2019, as Product Operations Director, to help take Impact Pumps into full mass production and further grow the product range. Andy has extensive experience of product development and manufacturing, in the UK and the Far East, and in both consumer and industrial electronics industries. He has worked for several blue chip companies, including Imagination Technologies, Mars Inc. and Psion Computers and has a first class degree in Mechanical Engineering from London South Bank University.

Lynne Dunnett
Lynne joined Thermofluidics in September 2016 as Experimental Technician. She has ten years’ experience as a water engineer and has worked in East Africa and Asia on a range of irrigation projects, most of which were aimed at improving smallholder farmers’ livelihoods. She has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Bristol and an MSc in Irrigation Engineering from the University of Southampton.

cai williams

Cai Williams joined the Thermofluidics team as a Field Engineer in April 2015. Before joining Thermofluidics he worked for 4 years in Malawi and Tanzania. He has specialised his engineering career on designing, manufacturing and selling low cost water supplies to small holder farmers and low income households. He has worked on a variety of low cost manual drilling techniques and hand pumps. Whilst in Malawi, he also worked on a 2,000 ha farm and cotton ginnery in a variety of roles including managing the farm irrigation, factory and the adoption of improved soil and water management methods, known as conservation farming, both on the farm and with the associated farmers clubs. Prior to this, he gained a first class Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Bristol where he worked extensively on the ‘solar rope pump’ which is a low cost photovoltaic (PV) powered borehole pump.


Bart Stockman
Bart joined the Thermofluidics team as a Field Engineer in January 2013, having already sub-contracted to Thermofluidics for two years. He has several years of experience in numerous structural and mechanical engineering projects. He has his own self-built workshop and runs Thermofluidics’ U.K. field test site on his farm near Tiverton in Mid Devon where his activities include extensive building, modification and commissioning of proptotypes, as well as running tests and data gathering. Bart has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Exeter.


Tracy Watts
Tracy Watts joined Thermofluidics as company bookkeeper in 2010. She oversees Thermofluidics’ purchasing activities, runs the company payroll and prepares management accounts, VAT returns, profit and loss and balance sheets for the end-of-year process. Tracy has over 30 years of experience in accountancy practices in purchasing, bookkeeping, accounts and auditing roles. Tracy is a member of the International Association of Bookkeepers and has AAT and ACCA accountancy qualifications.


Terry Horsnell
Terry joined the Thermofluidics team in June 2013 to support project work associated with electrical and software engineering. Terry has over four decades of experience in low level software engineering and control electronics gained in the Steel Industry and at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. Terry has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD. from the University of Sheffield.

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